Why think about business architecture?

  • This effort is driven by a belief that management teams need to master their own business architectures.
  • Active business architecture ownership gives management the opportunity to maintain alignment of all the complex dimensions of their business - as the world continually changes around them.

What is business architecture?

Business architecture is the active process of linking your competitive imperatives and aspirations with what needs to happen Monday morning across a business. It encompasses:
  • Translation and / or alignment of your strategic intent with the target business blueprint needed to bring it alive. The combination of aligned strategy, value delivery and business blueprint together constitute the Business Architecture
  • Development of the operational and transformation agenda that takes the business from current to target configuration and performance. These agendas - and their realisation - together constitute the Outcome Management that delivers the impact to which a business aspires.


You can drill down to explore the main concepts - and find more specific materials
  • The Business Impact Architecture Framework drives the whole  architectural process
  • A pivotal dimension of Business Architecture is that of organisation. Organising for Impact sketches how an architectural perspective can crisply link how people come together to compete.
  • The book, Architecting Business Impact, is a work in progress. You can explore its structure and sample contents

Case studies

As they are packaged for Architecting Business Impact, sample case studies will be posted here too!