You're doing your best to compete; is it enough?
  • You know how to compete...
  • Everyone in the team is is working hard...
  • But are you confident that efforts across the business line up to deliver the best from your business today - and the basis for winning tomorrow?
  • "Getting it right" demands that people, products, processes, technology and infrastructure are purposefully aligned to deliver the best competitive outcomes today - and build the foundations to compete tomorrow.

    Achieving this purposeful alignment has many parallels with civil architecture. A civil architect integrates many complex layers of structure, workflows, aesthetics, economics and lighting, and support systems such as transport, airconditioning, power, communications, security and more. The architect does so to realise a complex range of performance objectives, as well as integrating his or her project in a wider environment. 

    A Business Architecture represents the integration of the multiple design dimensions of a real business to deliver value. This is a challenge vastly more complex than that faced by the civil architect, for every business manager faces a world where the competitive landscape continually changes. Managers must simultaneously run and reshape their businesses to stay in the competitive game.


    Business Impact Architecture is the application of tailored tools and insight to meet this management challenge. This unique approach:

    • recognises the need for a bridge between how you think about competition and strategy - and what happens Monday morning, right across the business
    • represents a set of practical tools and concepts that creates this bridge, linking strategy, competitive offers, how value is created and delivered - translated into a pragmatic business blueprint.
    • links the architecture of the business you "need to be" with the business you are today. It draws out the operational and transformation outcome management agendas that deliver the performance you need to compete
    • leverages and grows management capabilities, building on, rather than attempting to replace, management approaches that work for you. It provides a basis to align management perspectives right across your business
    • above all, focuses on aligning every aspect of architecture, transformation and operations on maximising business value


    Business Impact Architecture, is Roderick Laird's distillation of the insights and experiences of over 20 years of practical management and management consulting. Look in the Capabilities section for more background on Rod and case examples of how an architectural perspective has business impact.


    An effective Business Architecture is something every business needs and few have. The Business Impact Architecture site is aimed at sharing a unique management approach that has unlocked a "next generation" of performance and capability for managers across a range of industries.

    This site is a showcase for ideas and practical tools on how to shape the bridge between intent and impact that consultants rarely have time - and sometimes no interest - in imparting.  These tools form the basis of a forthcoming book. It also provides links to resources that can help you on your own journey to business impact.

    Tuesday, 21. December 2004